• Maximum size = 100cm x 70cm
  • Boards are in portrait orientation only
  • Freestanding and they fold down for easy transportation
  • Printed in amazing high definition
  • Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard for durability
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Big Pet Cutouts

Our large and mini pet cutouts are easy to order, set up, and use. Large pet, ideal for medium to large-sized dogs, can be as tall as 4 feet and
Mini pet, ideal for small cats and dogs, can be as tall as 2 feet. All our standees come with an attached rear strut to allow them to be free-standing. Our cutouts make great photo opportunities and talking points. With our pet range you can capture an image of a beloved family member and have them anywhere for anything. If your cat is a little explorer who only comes home to be fed, a Mini pet cutout could be the thing keeping you company. The possibilities and opportunities for a good laugh and a priceless photo are endless. All our cutouts are made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard for durability and come safely packed and boxed to prevent damage in transit. Dependent on height the cutout may come with an intended fold which lays flush when assembled. With international shipping to pretty much everywhere in the world, our reach and yours is limitless.

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