Female Blank Body

One Person Body Personalized Cardboard Cutout:

  • Maximum Height 180cm (5'9") width 65cm (2′ 3″)
  • Freestanding and they fold down for easy transportation.
  • Printed in amazing high definition.
  • Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard for durability*Please watch our Handy Tips Video before you order

*Please watch our Handy Tips Video before you order


Female Blank Body

Unleash your creativity with our Blank Cardboard Cutouts! These versatile and customizable Cutouts are perfect for artists, kids, and anyone who loves to express themselves through art. Made from sturdy cardboard, our Cutouts are easy to draw on, paint, or decorate with stickers and other craft supplies. Use them to create your own unique artwork, decorate your home or office, or make personalized gifts for your loved ones. So grab your favorite art supplies and get ready to unleash your inner artist! With our blank cardboard Cutouts, the possibilities are endless.

Our cutouts are not only easy to order, but they’re also of the highest quality. Standing at a maximum height of 170cm to 180cm, and made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard, our cutouts are built to last. And with an attached rear strut, they’re free-standing, making for the ultimate photo opportunity.

We understand that the safety and protection of your cutout is important, which is why we ensure it is safely packed and boxed for transit. With international shipping available, our reach is limitless. So why settle for anything less than the best body? Get your dream figure with CutoutME’s personalized body cutouts and make your event unforgettable. Order yours now!

    • Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
    • Attached stand on the back
    • Folded for quick storage
    • Easy to unbox
    • Safely packed
    • Free-standing
Assembly Instructions
Setting up your Female Blank Body cardboard cutout could not be easier, Just open the box remove the packaging and folder out the standee, once the stand has been locked into place you’re ready to go.

Step 1Remove Your Cardboard Cutout from its outer sleeve. Make sure that you’ve cleared a space which is free of clutter and large enough for stress free construction!

Step 2Remove the inner packaging. To avoid any marks or damage to your new cutout, make sure that the floor space is clean and free of debris. Before you open the box!

Step 3Lay out your cardboard cutout on the floor, face down. Unfold the top and bottom sections of the cutout so it becomes full length.

Step 4Take Care when Unfolding the vertical stand that runs along the middle of the cutout. This allows the cutout to stand upright.

Step 5Secure the stand in place by slotting the semi circular disks into place along the spine of the cutout.

Step 6Voilà! You’re Cardboard cutout is ready for action! Add to any party, wedding, night out, charity event or awards ceremony for an unforgettable night.
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